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We encourage all kinds of contribution from the community.


We invite whichever way of contribution that one can to make our community ideological and make Vesyl outstanding in the industry. Whoever wants to report an issue, contribute to the documentation, or help improving the code, this is the right place to reach. Here are the paths to our community resources:

To bring new talent into light in the process of making Vesyl exceptional, we are introducing ‘Code + Learn’. It is a workshop we are going to conduct worldwide and to encourage talent we find whichever part of the world. Existing contributors who excel in the industry and so supportive, are going to mentor the participants of the workshop.



We thank you all for your interest in Vesyl. You have several ways for contributing to Vesyl to make it bolder to help your fellow entrepreneurs.



Reporting An Issue


Please feel free to report whichever issue you have come across with Vesyl, a GitHub project. While expressing the issue, please make sure you are providing a test case without any external dependencies which means, the test case could be executed without anything more than Vesyl itself.


We also request you to provide as much information as possible regarding the environment while you have come across the issue. We never know which information will be sufficient to better understand the issue and narrow it down. But the following basic information would be helpful to take dive into action quickly:


  • Version of Vesyl
  • The platform you are running it on (OS X, Sun OS, Linux, Windows)
  • Architecture you are running it on (32-bit or 64-bit and x86 or ARM)


Vesyl is an open-source project that is being managed on GitHub and Codeplex. And GitHub, we have various repositories. Each of these platforms has it’s own database for issues. If possible, please report the issue directly on the respective repository. But it’s not a mandatory thing and there is no need to worry if you report on a wrong place. Our contributors are always there for your help in reporting the issues on the correct repository.


Code Contribution


Any bug-fix or other contribution you made to Vesyl would go through a rigorous review process by the already existing collaborators as per the guidelines set by the Vesyl Development Policy. Only then, your contribution will be accepted and can be a part of the project.


Becoming a Collaborator


Vesyl always welcomes the enthusiasts to be the collaborators of the community. A contributor can be more influential in the community by becoming a Collaborator. A collaborator is responsible for reviewing the contribution of other contributors. They can help them out with issues by triaging them. A collaborator can take a bigger part in shaping the future of the project.



Table of Contents


  • Introduction
    • User API
      • Operations
      • Parameters
      • Response
    • Team API
      • Parameters
      • Response
    • Group API
      • Parameters
      • Response




Vesyl is an advanced, scalable and easily customizable open-source social commerce portal. With an aim to enable every retailer to have his/her own online store, vesyl is offering easy-to-use dynamic social commerce portal. Any retailer can customize the website as per his own requirement like adding/removing categories, adding managers to the website, and managing newsletters and gift coupons etc.

Vesyl is an open-source project. It has an active community of developers who contribute to the continuous growth of the project. With new features introduced and more updated security, Vesyl offers the most reliable services to its users. Apart from the open-source version, vesyl also offers paid and SaaS versions.


Merchants / entrepreneurs who want to start their online store with Vesyl, can download the code from GitHub and Codeplex and install it on their PC. It is an easy-to-install software that one needs not be a coding-ninja. For any help, one can easily reach our customer support through Online or telephone at any time of the day.




The HTTP API provides an independent and uniform interface for third-party applications to interact with the Vesyl platform.Through the use of universally accessible HTTP endpoints, the API implements a simple and stateless functionality for disbursement of which are available with Vesyl. Due to the universality of the underlying HTTP, this API will be accessible across all mobile,OS flavors, and across different development environments.The base URL for all HTTP API endpoints is:


User API


Every API call requires a valid access token for successful invocation. An access token can be obtained by making a HTTP POST request to the URL:


For Example


The response to the token API endpoint is in the form of a JSON string.


♦ Operations


After Entering into the above URL,one will find complete List of supported Actions/Operations of the entered service.


For Example:-


The Action/Operation For Login in an Account of the “Vesyl”.


♦ Parameters


Using the above Example of Registration using API,one will need to enter the Parameters required to Invoke the Services and attain the Desired response for that particular Service.


Parameters for the Above API:-


Email ID



NOTE:-Every Services will have different parameters needed to be Filled for Invocation of that particular service and get the desired Response.


♦ Response


After entering the Email ID and Password of the account and INVOKING the services will give the response of the particular service.


The Response of the above service for and Password:asd123 looks like below:-


{“Id”:”62b4eb64-d942-40bc-8af3-2a8b3644f6e2″,”UserName”:”Kushagra Gupta”,”EmailId”:””,”ProfileUrl”:””, “AccountType”:”Free”,”CreateDate”:”\/Date(1421818894000)\/”,”ExpiryDate”:”\/Date(1456033294000)\/”,”UserStatus”:1, “Password”:”bfd59291e825b5f2bbf1eb76569f8fe7″,”TimeZone”:””,”PaymentStatus”:”unpaid”,”ActivationStatus”:”1″,”CouponCode”:null, “ReferenceStatus”:null,”RefereeStatus”:null,”UserType”:null,”ChangePasswordKey”:”M7w0/pMmZkmtS7Yq1obOg”,”IsKeyUsed”:0,”ChangeEmailKey”:null, “IsEmailKeyUsed”:0,”Ewallet”:”0″,”UserCode”:”u4QwUmyx502xDK7lUbZODQ”}


The above Response will have all the User information required to the Client for their particular operations and functionalities.


Team API


Using the Response from the above services we got the USERID of the account with email id :


♦ Parameters


UserID: 62b4eb64-d942-40bc-8af3-2a8b3644f6e2


Using this UserID,We can be able to fetch the Team ID of the particular account using other Services,one of them is:


The above service takes USERID as the Parameter.After Using the UserID as parameter and INVOKING the above service,the response will look like this.




♦ Response


Now using this response,we will be able to fetch the Group ID which is 339ce28f-3ff8-4473-a481-6845e9574770.

You can use parameter in other services wherever it’s required as a parameter.


For Ex :To Fetch the Team ID using UserID and Group IDUse this service


The Response of the above service will fetch us the TEAMID of the Profile and the response will look like this:-

where 71039ff6-fb07-4656-93d4-bf754db72923 is a TEAMID of the particular profile.


Group API


Using the Response from the above services we got the USERID and TeamID and GROUPID of the account with email id :


♦ Parameters




Using this TeamID,We can be able to fetch the Team Member Profiles of the particular account using the Service:


The above service takes TeamID as the Parameter.After Using the TeamIDas parameter and INVOKING the above service,the response will look like this:


♦ Response


[{“Id”:”6f69301e-9345-454b-8c6c-3662731c0cf2″,”TeamId”:”71039ff6-fb07-4656-93d4-bf754db72923″,”ProfileId”:”2604984842″,”ProfileType”:”twitter”,”Status”:1,”StatusUpdateDate”:”\/Date(1427351477000)\/”,”ProfilePicUrl”:””,”ProfileName”:”vk_globussoft”,”lstTeamMemberProfile”:null},{“Id”:”f73cf147-6013-4e55-b598-7a29cb402f7c”,”TeamId”:”71039ff6-fb07-4656-93d4-bf754db72923″,”ProfileId”:”rS04fxQbOM”,”ProfileType”:”linkedin”,”Status”:1,”StatusUpdateDate”:”\/Date(1427907031000)\/”,”ProfilePicUrl”:””,”ProfileName”:”RichaMallik”,”lstTeamMemberProfile”:null},{“Id”:”4d6f7c9f-2667-4025-9c5b-c4de5f798477″,”TeamId”:”71039ff6-fb07-4656-93d4-bf754db72923″,”ProfileId”:”100005111978685″,”ProfileType”:”facebook”,”Status”:1,”StatusUpdateDate”:”\/Date(1427911813000)\/”,”ProfilePicUrl”:””,”ProfileName”:”Isabella Smith”,”lstTeamMemberProfile”:null},{“Id”:”f35004b8-f3a0-4ffd-918a- c6feeda58af5″,”TeamId”:”71039ff6-fb07-4656-93d4-bf754db72923″,”ProfileId”:”100008391210714″,”ProfileType”:”facebook”,”Status”:1,”StatusUpdateDate”:”\/Date(1427911420000)\/”,”ProfilePicUrl”:””,”ProfileName”:”Avinash Verma”,”lstTeamMemberProfile”:null},{“Id”:”8677fbdb-c1ec-4933-9561-5f7dfec37546″,”TeamId”:”71039ff6-fb07-4656-93d4-bf754db72923″,”ProfileId”:”1904022338″,”ProfileType”:”twitter”,”Status”:1,”StatusUpdateDate”:”\/Date(1427906336000)\/”,”ProfilePicUrl”:””,”ProfileName”:”abhaymondal3″,”lstTeamMemberProfile”:null}]


The response has the Information of all the Profiles attached to this Account of the vesyl.


You can use parameter in other services wherever it’s required as a parameter.




When integrating any Facebook profile with your vesyl Account,we use the API service:-


This service has list of Operations/Actions that is required to do Operation/Actions related to FacebookFew Examples are:-