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Why We Developed It?

While 75% of the customers shop online, moving your retail business to the digital medium is really a fabulous idea, isn’t it?


Running an in-store involves with many complications and costs a fortune. On the other hand, developing an ecommerce portal sounds like a challenge for many of them.


We wish to make the fruits of e-commerce business model accessible to any entrepreneur despite of their technical abilities.


With an aim to enable everyone to launch their own eCommerce portal easily, we developed the Open-source eCommerce site builder.


Why We Made It Open-Source?



In an industry where clients are charged with steep amounts, open-source has become a boon for the end users. With open-source, they can enjoy the services of a quality product for a cheaper price. Besides the cost, there are several factors that add value to open-source products.




Security is the one of the key priorities of the software industry. Open-source projects maintain an active community of developers who try to make the product better for every now and then. The more open the source code is, the more possibility of testing it in every possible aspect to identify pitfalls in the security with the product. So, the project can be more safe and secure.




The community always strives to enhance the product. The developers test and deploy new features frequently. So, the end user gets performance updates occasionally.




Different people have different needs. With open-source, they can take the source code and modify it as per their individual need. Thus it helps the end user in person.


Free Trials


It is necessary to try the product before you purchase it. If it is sufficient to fulfill your requirements, then you can go ahead with it. If it doesn’t meet your requirement, what is the point in paying for the trial. With open-source, there is no more any such problem. End user can try the tool for free before purchasing it.


For all these reasons, we have made Vesyl an open-source product that gives more value to the end users.

Three Simple Steps to Start


Download & Install


Vesyl is an open-source product that anyone can access the source code. You can download the source code from GitHub to build to your social e-commerce site. Once downloaded, install the application on your desktop.



The outlook and design of the website is completely under your control. You can customize the website as you needed it for your business. Right from the domain name to layout, content and colors of the website – you can modify everything as per your requirement.


Upload & Sell


The source code integrates some product categories by default. In addition to that, you can add your more categories to the website. So, you can list any product on your website. You can add other product information like features and edit the content whenever needed.

What We Offer?

Lifetime Updates

Vesyl is an open-source social e-commerce portal. We maintain an active developer community. Your security and experience is our first priority and so we provide you with software updates every now and then for lifetime.


24x7 Support

We understand the challenges in running a website. Hence, we extend our customer service to each corner of the world. You can reach us at any time of a day through Skype or a phone call. We are active on social media too. So, you can get in touch with us via our social pages.


Customization Services

Though our script is dynamic, you may not find enough time to customize it as per your requirement. For this reason, we offer customization services too. We understand your requirement clearly and carve the perfect design for you.